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I'm having some weird internet issues since today.

It says it is connected to the internet, but it doesn't mention the connection's name. Though it normally does that.

When i I open the network overview (literally translated, don't know if this is the name) it says I am connected to the internet and to the rest of my domain. Ping works, to websites and in my domain. But when I try to acces a website trough a browser it times out.

I have tried all automatic solutions from windows, as well as resetting my router, reattaching my cable, etc.

I'm using W7, router is a linksys, the older blue ones, 802.11g

enter image description here

The cable is a 1Gbps one, the adapter is a realtek 8168D/8111D

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I also suspect a virus might be the cause.. – Simon Verbeke Jun 13 '11 at 18:08
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Look at your browser's proxy settings. Various malwares drop a little proxy server onto your machine and configure your browser to use it.

In IE the settings are under Internet Options | Connecitons tab | Lan Settings

In FF the settings are under Options | Advanced | Netowrk | Settings.

If you see that your browser is set to use a proxy, start scanning for viruses.

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This was indeed the problem! Thanks! – Simon Verbeke Jun 13 '11 at 18:19

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