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I want to automatically update the timezone on my Windows 7 laptop after traveling to a new locale.

Is there any method of doing this, perhaps by using an Internet location service?

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Check out GeoSense for Windows which claims to be able to provide a semi-accurate geo-location device for your computer. This will require some kind of internet connection (WiFi preferred) to be able to get your location.

I would hope that once Windows 7 has a vague idea of where you are, by using this service, then it will update your timezone accordingly. But I cannot say for sure that it will.

Also see Windows Sensor and Location Platform

If you look in your Control Panel you will see a "Location and Other Sensors" panel.

About Location Sensors:

By using sensors, programs on your computer can customize information and services for you based on your computer's current location, surroundings, and more. For example, with a location sensor and your computer, you may be able to find a nearby restaurant, get directions to that restaurant, send the directions to a friend, and then follow the directions on a map as you travel to your destination.


Coding 4 Fun Timezone Changer - will require the GeoSense platform unless your have another sensor installed.

This is an extension for my MEF Utility Runner to change your system time zone based on your current location. Uses Windows 7 location feature.

It subscribes to location change events (new to Windows 7) to be aware of current location. When the location changes it determines the base UTC offset from a web service, then searches the system for time zones with that same offset.

enter image description here

enter image description here

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We use TimeTraveller ( - it's a small utility that finds your location from your network connection and automatically updates the time zone in your laptop when travelling.

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