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I'm using Chrome 13.0.782.14 dev-m and have followed the instructions here, copied my Default folder to a test folder, then used the flag to point to that test folder.

I found that below items are not being carried over to new profile:

  • saved password
  • bookmarks
  • extensions
  • preference
  • auto-suggestion in address bar

Is this the way how Google Chrome intended to be? Is there any way to carry over at least auto-suggestion in address bar, which is a valuable part to duplicate profile?

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I'm not able to simulate this - saved passwords will not be carried forward, but rest were carried forward. I suggest you enable Chrome sync - it will sync bookmarks, extensions & passwords.

As for address bar suggestions, copying History & other History Index * files from your current profile to the new one (to the Default folder) resulted in the suggestions from my previous profile getting carried over.

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