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If both ufw and ipmasq manipulate iptables, can I use ipmasq for a quick easy setup and then use ufw afterwards to add security or will the two just trample all over the iptables "stuff"?

I'm playing with Ubuntu 11.04 and attempting to set up a firewall. My system has two ethernet adapters, eth1 on the external side and eth2 on the internal side. I attempted to follow the instructions here about IP Masquerading, but I believe my comprehension breaks down here:

# Forward traffic from eth1 through eth0.

I believe I'm supposed to be forwarding from eth2 through eth1. I don't know if I should change the IP address. My assumption is that is the internal subnet "range"; however, no internal systems are receiving IP addresses. I suspect I need to run a DHCP server on the firewall to make this happen. After some more browsing, I found a few bloggers mentioning the ease of use of ipmasq.

So, all of that led to the question.

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