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Preferably a bar always on top that you can put your shortcuts at for quick access. I have problems adding my shortcuts to the taskbar and even the start menu. And the start menu is not convenient as you always have to open the start menu.

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Have you tried looking at something like ObjectDock which I believe you can set up with common programs and (if I'm remembering rightly) jump-out folder lists.

But then I could be getting it mixed up with RocketDock which I know has an addon for big folder views type stuff called Stack Docklet. You could put all your shortcuts into a folder then point that docklet at that folder...

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If you liked the old Quick Launch area, you can use the Free Launch Bar (after installing, it is enabled/disabled by right-clicking the taskbar>Toobars:

As you can see, after unlocking my taskbar, I was able to freely move it to the top of my screen. To the left are my many Quick Launch icons.

enter image description here

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