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Does anyone know how I can install libpq-dev on Mac OS 10.6? It's a pre-requisite for something else I want to install.

There doesn't seem to be a macport for it, so how can I install it on a Mac?

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Consider using Homebrew

brew install postgresql

It'll give you the necessary headers.

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This did the trick. Thanks for posting! –  iWasRobbed Dec 9 '13 at 22:27

When I've search in ports I've found this:

port search libpq
libpqxx @3.0.2 (databases, devel)
    Official C++ client API for PostgreSQL

libpqxx26 @2.6.9 (databases, devel)
    Official C++ client API for PostgreSQL

You can try one of those.

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libpq is C connector library while libpqxx is C++. In other words - this most definitely will not help. –  Tadas Sasnauskas Apr 10 at 12:31

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