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I'm trying to add a remote, but it's asking me for a ssh password?

I'm so confused, I've added the same remote on a different computer and it didn't ask me for a password. I've also added a different remote on this computer, but again no password.

I've set up my public key on the remote end, that seems to work, but again, it's asking for a password.

What's going on?

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Does ssh also ask you for a password? (Probably.)

Is your private key installed correctly? (Probably not.) Make sure that your private key is installed on your local computer at ~/.ssh/id_dsa (for DSA keys) and make sure that the permissions of ~/.ssh are 700 -- if the permissions are 755, then SSH will refuse to read the key. You can try increasing the verbosity of SSH to find out more information.

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is the user name the same on both machines? i.e. do they use the same key for authentication?

to make sure you use the same user, configure your remotes as ssh://…

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most likely this is an RSA key. When you generate one, don't specify a password. Sounds like you've updated the knownhosts file on the remote. connect with ssh -vvvv server to see what keys it's offering. If it's the wr

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