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I am Administrator. Also the "big" administrator net user Administrator /active. But I have no access to my own files.

First let me say what I've done: I copied some files from one computer over LAN to the other. The I found out, that this computer has no access to a few (about 25 files), I've modified in editor. As solution I wanted to "remove the permission for EVERYONE" and add it again.

But while removing I had to confirm that I now lose permission to files as "warning". And now, because folder is 19GB, I canceled all. But it does not cancel really because half of the folders are already without permission. Now I wanted to add "EVERYONE" to the user list but have no permission to some folders and files > Error "Permission denied". And I also cannot remove this user "EVERYONE" because Windows means it is content of a container folder. I cannot do anything anymore. Also tried to copy files from A to B but have no access anymore. But I am the Administrator and also the super Administrator. 10minutes before I've worked with all files. Only had no permission for about 25 from other computer. Now I have no permission for about 20,000 files on my own computer.


Needed to set the hook to "inherit from containers". Then Windows asks to "owerwrite" all permissions. That seems to work.

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I found another solution, my problem was that my user was listed twice on the permissions list. I removed the duplicate and then it was fine

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Try taking ownership of the folder.

Right Click > Properties > Security > Advanced > Owner > Edit

You should be able to add your self, then after that you can change the permissions.

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Thanks. But does not work. same permission problems. But I found solution now. Needed to set the hook to "inherit from containers". Then Windows asks to "owerwrite" all permissions. That seems to work. – Nasenbaer Jun 14 '11 at 17:46
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Set the hook to "inherit from containers". Then, Windows asks to "owerwrite" all permissions.

Screenshot in German.

German screenshot

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