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So I have been slowly transitioning to using my keyboard for faster use of my computer but have been looking for an alternative to alt+tab and win+tab for selecting windows. I am hoping someone knows of a program that would let me select windows similar to several windows managers on linux where the windows are numbered in the corners and then activated through a command or hotkey combo.

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Slightly off-topic, but if you really wanna go mouseless in Windows, I highly recommend LabelControl - an AHK utility that lets you 'click' on various controls without the mouse: – John-Paul Cunliffe Jun 28 at 12:29
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I'm on Linux now so I can't test all shortcuts, but:

  • If you have more monitors, then ⊞ Win + Shift + / moves window through monitors.

  • ⊞ Win + 1...0 runs the program at the selected position on the taskbar

  • ⊞ Win + / / / tiles windows across the screen

  • Alt will spawn a new process

  • Ctrl + Shift + click will run a program in elevated mode

What you are essentially looking for is an old program called Switcher.

If you are more experienced and looking to create shortcuts that can switch among (send windows to) different virtual workspaces and/or setting windows "always on top" and other things, I'd recommend VirtuaWin. You don't have to use virtual desktops to have the ability to set some global shortcuts for other things.

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Switcher was exactly what I was looking for! Thank you! After a little bit of tweaking I got it to match the rest of my theme and have it set to display all the windows with Ctrl + Alt + Numpad 0 and then pressing the window number selects the window. – Tom Jun 14 '11 at 18:41

You can use Win+Any Number to select Application windows based on taskbar ordering. Pressing the number key multiple times while holding down the Win key will cycle through windows for that application. If the application has no windows open, then this shortcut will launch the application.

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