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I am using NX Client on Mac OS X 10.6 to access my Ubuntu 10.04 machine. I would like to use the Option/Alt key to Alt-Tab in the window manager and as the Meta key in Emacs.

Some searching on the internet suggests that I set my OSX ~/.Xmodmap file to:

keycode 66 = Alt_L
clear Mod1
add Mod1 = Alt_L Alt_R


clear Mod1
clear Mod2
keycode 63 = Mode_switch
keycode 66 = Meta_L
add Mod1 = Meta_L
add Mod2 = Mode_switch

Neither did the trick. Any suggestions?


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It seems that Mac OS X captures some of the necessary key commands. This seems to be a change from before. Anyway, I stopped trying to do this and installed ubuntu on a separate partition on my mac. Ugh. – nwhsvc Aug 4 '10 at 18:42

You're probably looking for the instruction #3 and Rich's comment on this blog post.

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