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I have a kubuntu machine.

I want to connect to a mac using AFP. I've installed the netatalk package in kubuntu.

Now what?

EDIT: Let me clarify. My main desktop machine is a kubuntu system. I have some downloaded podcasts and music on a macmini that I want to access from my Kubuntu desktop. They are shared and available to other mac systems on the network. I'm just not sure how to access them from kubuntu

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Wait, you WANT to connect using AFP? – Ignacio Vazquez-Abrams Jun 14 '11 at 23:41
You should be able to "bonjour" Kubuntu or simply connect using "Command"K connect to server. In my environment I installed Samba in Ubuntu 10.04 and configured that as a target. I have always had trouble connecting reliably from a Mac to anything other than another Mac – apesa Jun 14 '11 at 23:43
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Found the answer here:

According to that page:

afpfs-ng is a client for the Apple Filing Protocol (AFP) which will let you mount and access shared volumes from Mac OS X (or netatalk) to Linux, BSD and Mac OS X systems.

Perfect, that's what I am wanting!

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Glad you worked this one out. I wonder why it's working for me? – boehj Jun 15 '11 at 5:08

Also install the avahi-daemon package. This is 'Bonjour' for Linux. It'll help you go in the other direction as now your Kubuntu box will show up like so in the Finder:


Once this is done, restart both the netatalk and avahi-daemon services. Do this by opening a terminal and doing:

$ sudo service netatalk restart


$ sudo service avahi-daemon restart

Hope this helps.

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Already done that. There is a little more to it than this though. But I have this part working. – Matt H Jun 15 '11 at 5:02
OK, just putting it out there. Good luck with it. FWIW: with the packages mentioned (that you have) I have no probs going both directions b/w OS X and Ubuntu. Direct ethernet connection (no router). Perhaps this is a Kubuntu specific thing although that doesn't make much sense. – boehj Jun 15 '11 at 5:06

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