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How to remove this ever occuring Warning, which appears every time I open a terminal?

 * Warning: removing empty lock file
 * Error: failed to remove empty lock file
 * Error: failed to get the lock: /usr/bin/keychain: 1492: cannot create /home/prashant/.keychain/http://prashant-laptop.promptcloud.com/-lockf: Directory nonexistent
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Sounds like you're running keychain on a SSH key in one of your login rc files (like .bashrc, .bash_profile, .profile). It's trying to import a key named "http://prashant-laptop.promptcloud.com/" and create a lock file with that name, but slashes in the name make it address a directory that doesn't exist.

I suggest changing the label, removing the keychain line entirely, or adding --nolock to your keychain login line (which is probably something like /usr/bin/keychain "$HOME/.ssh/id_dsa)

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