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Currently I am using XAMPP on a XP machine and FTP service is running with it. On the other end I am using a Mac. I tried to use Cyberduck and transfer a file into the FTP server it works fine; the orignal file is 104kb and after transfer there it remain as 104kb but the problem starts when I try to use CLI to do an FTP transfer.

Tranferring the same file, when I check on the server side, it becomes 106kb and it is a pdf file and I am not able to open it.

Does anyone have this same problem before? And how you manage to solve it?

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Assuming CLI is command line interface. Can you confirm what commands you used, did you remember a bin command before the get? – Jane T Jun 20 '11 at 14:11

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Change to the binary transfer mode using the 'bin' command.

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