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I have friends that have "cartoonized" their profile picture on social networks. How can I do that too?

I have only very elementary knowledge of graphics (Microsoft Paint).

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Have you asked your friends how they did theirs -- perhaps they could help you to do yours? – mas Aug 26 '09 at 11:03

Are you talking about that kind of picture?

cartoon picture

I don't know what is the site to make theme, but if you specify that this is what you want, I'm sure someone knows what the site is.


alt text

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You can try if you're a Simpson's fan

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You'll need a more advanced graphics program than Microsoft Paint. Programs like Photoshop and GIMP (which is free) include plugins and filters that can modify a photo in creative ways. Unfortunately, their user interfaces can be pretty intimidating for a new user.

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Paint.NET is a free Windows program that can do some effects, like pencil sketch. (It's also great for general image editing - resizing, cropping, working with layers, changing formats, etc.)

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If you like Mad Men you can make your own cartoon Mad Men character. It is an easy Flash interface.

An example:

Alt text

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