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I am using more and more portable apps which make switching from computer to computer much easier.

However for programs such as 7zip which makes sense really only if it is a choice in the context menu in Explorer, is there a way to get this programs to register themselves in the Explorer context menu even though they are portable apps?

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Portable apps don't have a registry entry, which is required to use the context menu I think. – slotishtype Jun 15 '11 at 14:03
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If you open up the Options in 7-Zip you could potentially enable the context menu there, which may work for what you need. The program should be intelligent enough to set up Explorer properly.

7-Zip -> Tools -> Options

Under the 7-Zip tab you can enable the context menu but selecting Integrate 7-Zip to shell contect menu

I would go through these options to disable the context menu before you remove the portable disk as I do not know how well Explorer would handle the context handler not being present without the USB device plugged in.

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There is a registry hack for Notepad++. I suppose you could modify it to work with 7-zip instead. Note that the script must be run with administrator privilege, and that you might need to restart the explorer.exe process after uninstalling.

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