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I am on SunOS 5.10. When I am trying to use the command fuser, I am getting an error that it's not found.

/home/user$fuser file.dat
ksh: fuser:  not found

But I am able to get the man page entry for fuser.

/home/user$man fuser
Reformatting page.  Please Wait... done

System Administration Commands                          fuser(1M)

     fuser - identify users of files and devices

     /usr/sbin/fuser [-c | -d | -f]  [-nu] [-k | -s sig]  files [
     [- ] [-c | -d | -f]  [-nu] [-k | -s sig]  files] ...

     The fuser utility displays the process IDs of the  processes
     that are using the files specified as arguments.

     Each process ID is followed by a letter code.  These  letter
     codes  are  interpreted  as follows. If the process is using
     the file as

Any idea how to fix this? Is this something to go with the installation?

Thanks, Bonchi

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The manpage mentions /usr/sbin/fuser - is /usr/sbin/ in your PATH variable? Can you run the command manually via /usr/sbin/fuser?

You can edit your .bashrc or .profile to put /usr/sbin in your path:

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Thank you guys!! The path was not set in the .profile. I corrected it and it's working fine now. – user295338 Jun 15 '11 at 8:06

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