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under the windows7 64bit,chrome get anything,any URL,any type,and page need to "waiting" time of 500 ms

I tried below URL:

These URL have the same problems (the first URL is my localhost WEB server)

I try it in firefox,IE9(in windows7 64bit), and chrome in my windows7 32bit laptop,this problem does not exist.

This problem only occurs in my current windows7 64-bit systems computer

I try chrome 12.0.742.100 and chromium 14.0.794.0,has same problem (my chrome does not install any plug-in, without any set)

enter image description here enter image description here

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Go to your control panel > Internet Properties > Connections > Local Area Network (LAN) settings. And un check automatically detect. See if that helps with your issue.

Let me know if that helps you :)

NOTE: Do not try this if you are using a proxy.

enter image description here

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