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I have a Ubuntu VirtualBox host and two Ubuntu guests. I need to be able to ssh into both guests and be able to ssh to/from guest1 and guest2.

I'm really stuck. I've tried NAT settings, bridged adapters and host-only adapters.

All I want is for each guest to have its own IP address (e.g. guest1= and guest2=

Is this possible?

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I am currently running an Ubuntu server (with Gnome installed) running a Windows Server 2003 Active Directory as virtual box host and runs no problem using a bridged connection. The host is on and the guest is on Are you even able ping either of the guest computers from another computer other than the host???

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Using bridged adapters, each guest should get its own IP address from the network (assuming you are using DHCP) as if it were a physical computer. Once you have that address, ssh to it. The config for the host is setting up the bridged adapters.

Like @hydroparadise I do this regularly without issue.

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Apparently, I didn't have ssh-server installed. Installing it fixed my issue.

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