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Avoiding a full Cygwin-like install, is there some equivalent to the Japanese-English translation/reference tool gWaei from Ubuntu/Gnome, but for Windows?

If not, what open source translators allow us to review and look up both English and Kanji characters?

Update: My Gozoku test-drive was not good, because I discovered it doesn't take romaji input like gWaei seemlessly does (ie: you can't type the english characters for "arigato" and get a japanese dict lookup in Gozoku because it is a pure dictionary). Also, Gozoku answers a search with a result tree that isn't pastable without some expansion of branches, right-clicking and choosing "save to clipboard."

gWaei allows you to easily get a flat list of results where you don't HAVE to copy whole words. When you lack a Japanese keyboard layout or the knowlege to use one, cutting bits and pieces of different japanese results as if they were newspaper collages is great for putting together a google-able search is nice. I'll check out the sourceforge build of gWaei and see if I needn't look elsewhere.

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I have been slowly working on Windows support in gWaei for the last year. I did my latest build with Mingw32 at It has been tested with Wine, but not a real Windows install, so any help or bug reports are appreciated.

The good: Most of the features are working (in Wine at least) The bad: Themes with gtk3 on Windows are still half baked so it is a bit ugly using the fallback look

I'm hoping when gtk+-3.1.x starts making its way around, I can fix the final blemishes.

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Wow. It's great to see a dev who hasn't already been posting found this question. Thanks for the link! I'll take it for a test drive since I have a dual-boot. I'm also updating my question with Gozoku testing feedback. – Vlueboy Jul 23 '11 at 17:12
I've installed it on two windows PCs and it works just as intended. I guess it had been a long time since I last installed it, because I forgot about its semi-automatic dictionary download. The only gwaei/win32 issue is random crashes with copy-and-paste when some english letters are added to a line having 3 to 4 romajis/kanjis... Unlikely for most people, maybe. I just paste the next word before deleting the previous one from the buffer. PS: Wow, you're THE dev for gWaei. Took me a while to notice. Nice to meet you! – Vlueboy Aug 9 '11 at 20:53

For Windows, you have JWPce that does a great job. It doesn't even require the japanese language resources to be installed, and has a very good radical-kanji lookup tool. But the UI is a little bit dated.

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+1! I don't mind old GUI's, being a bit of a version dinosaur myself. Hmm, I thought I closed the question by accepting an answer, but I appreciate options. I will definitely check out the Kanji lookups, because of the riddles involved in creating a Kanji for input (to be translated) when the source is just a piece of paper or a non copy-pastable image. – Vlueboy Aug 13 '11 at 4:34

You could give Gozoku a try.

enter image description here

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Thanks. I'll check it out for a bit first. – Vlueboy Jun 17 '11 at 19:07
Looks good, thanks. I'll give this a try to get the obligatory Japanese fonts working (missing in XP): – Vlueboy Jun 20 '11 at 13:50

It's not perfect, but I have gWaei 3.4.0 packaged with an installer for Windows.

Hopefully when the final gtk-3.4 comes out I can make it use the native theme instead of Adwaita. :)

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