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Here’s my setup:

I've been using my iMac as an HTPC since I purchased it last year, but last week it stopped working. When I connect everything now, the iMac flashes blue as it normally does when connecting an external display but no picture appears on the TV and there's no sound either.

I know the iMac recognizes the TV because it shows up in System Preferences under Displays and under Sound. It has worked perfectly for months and I can't think of a single thing that changed in my setup at all; it worked one day and didn't the next.

Here are the solutions I've found on the net and tried so far:

  • Followed different sequences for connecting the pieces of the puzzle, e.g. turn TV on; set to correct input; connect HDMI cable; connect to adapter; connect adapter to iMac
  • Restarted all devices
  • Applied combo update to Mac OS X
  • Repaired permissions on iMac
  • Safe booted iMac
  • Scrapped all the files in /Library/Preferences and in each user's home folder
  • Reset PRAM
  • Tried different HDMI inputs on my TV, different HDMI cords

I'd really appreciate any help anyone can offer!

Here’s an Apple support article confirming that my model should support video and audio.

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Bought a new adapter and it’s now working. – DehydratedSnowman Jun 29 '11 at 22:35

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