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Specifically, I'm looking for where System Manufacturer and System Model are located. I'm assuming the registry somewhere. I'm trying to identify the hardware for a few drive images i have backed up. Looking at the directories and driver's isn't telling me much.

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Some of that info is obtained from the registry at


and some of the other locales in HARDWARE.

The other system information such as System Manufacturer and System Model can only be obtained with calls to the Windows API.

Open up the WMIC.


In the CLI type in ComputerSystem Get Model, Manufacturer

For a remote computer, you can use the following:

%windir%\System32\wbem\WMIC.exe /node:"ComputerNameORIpAddress" ComputerSystem Get Model, Manufacturer

Or if you need a password:

%windir%\System32\wbem\WMIC.exe /node:"ComputerNameORIpAddress" /user:"domain\username" /password:"password" ComputerSystem Get Model, Manufacturer

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interesting, never seen that command before. So I take it there wouldn't be a log or something with this info anywhere unless I made it a point to do it myself? – acme64 Jun 16 '11 at 20:08
See Retrieving System Information on TechNet, as it describes the mapping between what is displayed in the System Information snapin (very similar to msinfo32) and WMI. – vladr Aug 14 '14 at 17:57

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