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I use Ubuntu with Gnome. I carelessly assigned Copy to Ctrl+C (it was Ctrl+Shift+C by default). Now I am unable to use "Kill current process" shortcut. I couldn't change it with "System -> Preferences -> Keyboard Shortcuts" since "Kill current process" doesn't appear there. How else can I define the shortcuts or at least make them default?

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As Dave Sherohman points out in xyr answer, there is no "kill current process shortcut". It's the interrupt signal, which doesn't necessarily kill the current process. – JdeBP Jun 17 '11 at 12:20

Have you tried just changing the Copy shortcut to something else? The normal function of ctrl-C (sending SIGINT to the current process) is provided by your shell, not by Gnome, so I would expect that simply moving the other binding out of the way so that the keystroke can reach your shell should be all that's needed to fix this.

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You could always hit Alt+F2 and type killall <name> Where <name> is the name of the application and can use wildcards. For example, to kill chrome:

killall google*
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