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I have something I want to print in Inkscape. It's larger than a4 size, so how can I print it on two a4 sheets of paper?

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you can try PosteRazor - it is free and cross-platform :-)

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sweet. i can think of all sorts of uses for this... –  ixtmixilix Aug 19 '11 at 16:01

I have used a couple of the download-able programs for printing out large images, but without great results -- blurred, distorted, re-sized. So I wanted to share an easy, successful method I figured out to use within Inkscape.

Have your image opened and sized to what you want your end result to be -- anything larger than 8.5 x 11" (or 8.27 in × 11.69 in, whatever your paper is exactly). Make sure your file is saved as SVG (not sure what other file types work, but defintely not PDF). Go to document properties and change page size to a custom 11" Height by anything up to 8.5 inches Width (I used 6" for a 2-page image). Select "show page border" and "border on top of drawing" so that you can see a box over your image. The box should be smaller than your image. Whatever falls within this box, or page, is what will print, when choosing "Print" in Inkscape. Use the select tool to move a part of your image into the page. This way, you can select one portion of the image to print out at a time. Once your first portion is printed out, move a different part of your image into the page area and print the rest. This method is quick and dirty for screen printing, as transparencies may overlap as long as you line them up, though if you work carefully, you can line them up exactly with no overlap.

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This is hardly understandable. Reformatting it would be useful. –  Raystafarian Oct 2 at 19:01

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