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In FileZilla there are icons to the left of the connection's id, I can't seem to find in the documentation what they represent. I am guessing Active vs Passive connections but I don't know.

enter image description here

Are my suspicions correct? Also any links to official documentation about it would be greatly appreciated.


here is proof that I am most defiantly logged in but it shows the "not logged in symbol" enter image description here

EDIT2: I kicked one connection and it reconnected with the other symbol enter image description here

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Connected/Disconnected?… – bubu Jun 17 '11 at 21:57

You are correct about the icons, they follow this logic :

  • When the user is connecting, but not yet authenticated the first icon is shown. The condition is that the username is empty.
  • When the user is connected and username is set, the second icon above is used.

These are the only two icons that will be displayed in the ID column.


The best i could find is in french.

If you want to look at the source, you can do so here.


As Scott noted there is a bug in the code, where the icon is not set correctly in all situations. The code changing the icon looks like this, and is only active for a change user event (USERCONTROL_CONNOP_CHANGEUSER) :

    if (pConnectionData->columnText[COLUMN_USER] == "")
        pConnectionData->itemImages[COLUMN_ID] = 5;
        pConnectionData->columnText[COLUMN_USER] = "(not logged in)";
        pConnectionData->itemImages[COLUMN_ID] = 4;

But as there are several other events involved, the icon is not correct everywhere as noted.

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Worked it out, it was a bug.

The icon shows the open symbol when you first open the manager then as it sees connections authenticate it will use the closed symbol for the new connections. I let the FileZilla IRC channel know and they fixed it in the repository.

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