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I want to flag certain emails in my inbox for follow-up, but I don't want them to display in my tasks (which is the default behavior).

You can right-click the newly-created task that references the email you just flagged and select "Remove from List" but this removes the flag in your email. You can also move the emails to a separate .pst folder that is outside of the .pst/.ost/Exchange file that contains your To-Do List - but I want to keep them all in my default Exchange Inbox/.ost.

Is it possible to prevent flagged emails from showing up in your task or To-Do List in Outlook 2010?

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Go to the tasks area and right click arrange by and go to filter

  1. Go to Advanced tab
  2. Down at Define more criteria
  3. Drop down Field - All mail fields - Message Class
  4. Condition: contains
  5. Value: task
  6. Add to list

Now it will only show tasks, not flagged emails

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This dialog can be found at Ribbon->View->View Settings->Filter->Advanced (Outlook 2010) – Mark A Sep 13 '13 at 17:23

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