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I installed janus for my macvim (I am running Snow Leopard) and everytime I go to edit the ~/.vimrc file I get these errors:

Error detected while processing function Edit:
line    7:
E319: Sorry, the command is not available in this version: ruby << RUBY
line    8:
E492: Not an editor command:   destination = File.expand_path(VIM.evaluate(%{sys
tem("dirname " . shellescape(a:file, 1))}))
line    9:
E488: Trailing characters:   pwd         = File.expand_path(Dir.pwd)
line   10:
E492: Not an editor command:   home        = pwd == File.expand_path("~")
line   12:
E121: Undefined variable: home
E15: Invalid expression: home ||"^" + Regexp.escape(pwd)) !~ destina
line   15:
command-t.vim requires Vim to be compiled with Ruby support 

The changes I make work. But when I save and quit and reopen, the changes are no longer made and it is back to default.

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Get vim with ruby support. Compile yourself or get a binary.

$ wget 
$ tar xzf  v7.3-53
$ cd b4winckler-macvim-730064c/
$ ./configure --enable-rubyinterp  
$ make
$ make install (or copy things manually to where you want...)
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This shouldn't be necessary since MacVim enables Ruby support by default. – Telemachus Jun 18 '11 at 11:48

Are you trying to edit the file with vim or MacVim? If you're using the system's default command line vim (the one Apple provides), it probably lacks support for many things Janus relies on.

If you are using MacVim, then maybe you accidentally got a much older version? Since you say you're on Snow Leopard, you should go with the very latest snapshot release from the downloads page on Github

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