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The tools I use to mimic the service are not as important as creating a reliable replacement in case something happens to the DropBox company (price flux, acquisition, etc)

My original question was focused on using couchDB replication, but this isn't a requirement just a potential path.

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Project lipsync uses lsyncd to watch a folder for changes, and then kicks off a command, which is rsync by default. For examples, see "Lsyncd (Live Syncing Daemon) synchronizes local directories with a remote targets"

So, you could set it up to issue the curl command to kick off CouchDB replication, instead of rsync, to have lysncd call that instead - I haven't done it, but it should work. Is this what you were talking about?

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I believe my original question was too restrictive, but you're answer was very helpful. Marked it correct and will dig into your suggested links. – Mark Essel Dec 7 '11 at 23:48

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