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I'm searching for a small script (.php) that will generate a gallery from the current directory. I hope you know what I mean. Something like below. EDIT: I mean something that requires no installation, no configuration, etc. I need just put this script in the directory with images, open in web-browser and get simple gallery.


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A Very Simple PHP file that searches the current directory for jpg, png and gif files and puts it in a HTML <img> tag.

$format = '<img src="[FILE]"> [FILE]<br>';


$files = glob("*.{jpeg,jpg,png,gif}", GLOB_BRACE);

foreach ($files as $file) {
    if (is_file($file)) {
        echo str_replace('[FILE]', htmlspecialchars($file), $format);

Nothing fancy, it shows all images after each other. Save it as index.php. Your webserver should support PHP and usually shows index.php for directories.

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PhpGraphy should do the job.

If you do not want any installation try this:

if ($handle = opendir('.')) {
    /* This is the correct way to loop over the directory. */
    while (false !== ($file = readdir($handle))) {
        $ext = end(explode('.', $file));
        if($ext == "jpg" || $ext == "png") {
            echo "<img src=\"$file\" alt=\"Image\" />";
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I was thinking of something simpler, no installation, no configuration etc. Just put in a directory and get image gallery. – marioosh Jun 18 '11 at 14:11

TStarGallery seems to be exactly what you want. If you want something a little more configurable, something like Gallery would require a bit more work to set up, but reward you with more options.

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I can not download TStarGallery. = 403 Forbidden – marioosh Jun 18 '11 at 14:26
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I found something :) Single File PHP Gallery. Demo here.

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