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Do you know how to find out which WiFi frequencies are in use around my neighbourhood? Aircrack-ng toolkit preferred.

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Simply use airodump-ng with channel hopping enabled, and it will list all the networks it can find, including what channel they are on. Each channel has a specific frequency associated with it, which you can look up on the internet.

You might have to put the interface into monitor mode first with airmon-ng start <interface>

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sudo iwlist wlan0 scan|grep Frequency
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I know you said Aircrack toolkit perfered, but I have found inSSIDer to be a lot easier to use. It has a really easy to use interface and visualization tools to help see what frequencies are crowded and what ones are open. Unforunatly I do not know of any good visualizers for Linux.

If you have your heart set on aircrack-ng (like if you are looking to play with cracking WEP encrypted passwords) I recommend using the BackTrack LiveCD. They have a very active forum with a lot of tutorials that can walk you through the usage of the aircrack-ng suite.

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