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I wanted to use my Linksys router as a wireless bridge/repeater so I decided I would change the firmware to DD-WRT. The first thing I did was downloaded vxworkskillerGv8-v3 and the DD-WRT firmware build 14929. For tftp I used the Windows GUI app on the DD-WRT wiki. I then configured my Windows 7 PC to turn off CTCP and changed my ip configuration to static with my ip,, and

I then did a 30/30/30 reset on the router and once that was done I plugged my PC into port 1 with no other cables plugged in, went into the administration tab, and upgraded the firmware with the vxworkskiller. This is where it gets strange, the wiki said it would take a few minutes before it would say that I need to restart the router, but for me the progress bar got a few ticks and after about 10 seconds it told be to reboot, so I did. Then I used the TFTP GUI software to load the DD-WRT firmware onto it, and it didn't take any retries and took about 5 seconds.

After that I let the router sit for about 3 minutes and tried going to the web page: It didn't work. I then tried rebooting it but still wouldn't work. Finally I did another 30/30/30 but it STILL wouldn't go to the web page. This whole time, my port 1 light is on and I can ping it without a problem in the command prompt. The power light is very very dim, but doesn't look like it's flashing. I tried upgrading the firmware again with the GUI app and it still did it on the first time without a hitch. I will guess that the DD-WRT firmware is not getting loaded because of how quickly it gets "installed".

I think something got messed up with the vxworkskiller, but it's exhibiting the behavior of it as "the router can be pinged, but the web page cannot be browsed" so I think it's installed. Based on what I have said thus far, what would be the next recommended action. I was thinking trying to install the OEM firmware back on, but how do I do that, if I should? Thanks!

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