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One of our costumers has purchased a non-English version of MS Office 2007, and he wants to switch the whole suite to English interface.

Is that possible? If yes, does anyone have a link to it?

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I have discussed this in-details in my post here.

In short, You have to : 1. download your desired language pack 2. Install that 3. Go to Office's setting & then select as default.

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Just had a quick Google to see what I could find. Not much. Three things I found:

Care of this page:

Go to the Start Menu and click on Microsoft Office / Microsoft Office Tools / Microsoft Office 2007 Language Settings. If the first tab is called "Display Language" and English is listed, then you already have a copy of English Office installed on your machine. Switch to English, click OK, and reboot your apps.

I would look at what registry settings Group Policy changes for User interface language and then apply that to the user's computer.

Otherwise you might want to track down the Office 2007 version of this page.

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I'll check that and post a reply – Dean Jun 19 '11 at 10:45

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