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While trying to restore Windows 7 from a System Image on a brand-new MacPro (see also System Image restore crashes consistently while trying to access external media), I came across several blocking issues:

  1. Windows 7 is not able to restore the System Image to the disk found in the MacPro; it does not recognize the system on it and says that Windows version I am trying to restore is incompatible.

    To get around this issue, I removed all partitions from the hard disk.

  2. Windows 7 displays an error while trying to restore the System Image on my now blank disk. Maybe it was not blank enough, who knows?

    To get around this issue, I started a Windows 7 install on the hard disk. After that, I was successfully able to restore the System Image on it.

  3. The MacPro won't boot from the hard disk without having to press Alt at restart and selecting manually the boot disk.

How can I make sure that the MacPro boots from the disk in its first slot, now that it is a Windows 7 disk?

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The easiest solution is to first install Mac OS X on the MacPro, and then run the Boot Camp utility to start installing Windows 7 and reboot. From the Windows 7 Setup, I can then launch the System Image Restore and it will from now on boot correctly on the hard disk specified in Boot Camp.

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