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I want to move user home folder in cygwin to different drive, i tried and i know that i can just change passwd file and put the path i need , however when i just logged in i cannot access my S drive mounted in windows ( /cygwin/s ) and i need to type mount -a to get it working so when i put user home folder to this drive ( /cygwin/s/home ) and try to ssh, it appear that cygwin can access this directory and put user home folder to /tmp

so I'm interested in either executing mount -a on connecting user via ssh, or any other workaround for this issue

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It is possible to have commands run each time a user logs in. There are many ways to accomplish it.
One of them is to add mount -a to bash.rc

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thank you, creating bash.rc and adding mount -a to it worked for me – vittore Jun 20 '11 at 15:15

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