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How do I make the "New Tab" page set as my homepage in Opera? (as in when I load up Opera it opens new tab page)

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If I understood your question correctly, you want Speed Dial (the page that appears when you open up a "New Tab") as your homepage.

If this is the case, go to Preferences (Ctrl-F12) > General > Startup > Start with Speed Dial. Otherwise, there are other Startup or homepage settings that you might prefer (Show start-up dialog, Start with home page, etc.)

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Opera browser is originally configured to show the "speed dial" tab as the default home page.If you clicked on "new tab" which is symbolized by (+) sign you will get the same "speed dial" tab and it will not give you a blank tab.So you can configure the home page or the action of starting the program in Opera by clicking on Menu>Settings>preferences and choose the best option you like.

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There is a question titled: Can I open new tabs in Opera with a homepage loaded rather than empty. Is that what you are trying to do ?


If you want to set the speed dial follow the instructions here.

  • Tools \ Preferences - General tab - Select "Start with blank page" in Startup drop-down.
  • Click Advanced \ Tabs - Click "Additional tab options". Make sure Allow window with no tabs is unchecked.

That should do it.

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This is not an answer and should be a comment. Regards, – Xavierjazz Jun 19 '11 at 23:23
No, what is happening is when I open up Opera, what comes up is what was on there when I exited Opera. What I want to happen is when I open Opera I want the "Speed Dial" or "New Tab" page to come up. – Bama Joe 411 Jun 21 '11 at 4:09

you can set opera to always load the last file thus giving you a window with an empty tab and set speed dial state in preferences ( opera:config) to 3 i highly recommend reading tamils blog on opera

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