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I want to be able to automatically test all of my servers to make sure that directory browsing is enabled. How do I do this in a shell script?

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Two suggestions:

  • Create a directory, fetch its contents over HTTP from localhost (using curl, wget -O /dev/stdout, lynx -dump, w3m -dump, elinks -dump) and look for the file list. Example for Apache2, which normally shows Index of /directory:

    cd /srv/http
    mkdir "$name"
    if curl "http://localhost/$name/" | fgrep -qs "Index of /$name"; then
        echo "enabled"
        rmdir "$name"
        echo "disabled"
        rmdir "$name"
        exit 1

    If you are using Lighttpd, nginx or something else, adjust the grep pattern.

  • Alternative: Learn some grep or perl and parse the hell out of your configuration files. The exact process depends on the HTTP daemon you are using – their configuration formats are very different.

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Nice thanks! Also using curl to get the http response code works for me. 403 means directory listing is disabled, and 200 means it's enabled – David Jun 22 '11 at 8:51

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