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Since the update gvim no longer displays a menu. The toolbar continues to work as expected.

I have tried :set guioptions-=m :set guioptions+=m

From within vim, and on advice from a similar problem have first removed ~/.gnome2/Vim (which did not help) then edited ~/.gnome2/Vim, changed




But neither of these things helps. Does anyone have any other ideas?

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However - it turns out that if I run gvim -f from the command line rather than gvim then all works and I have the expected menu. – Rupert Jun 20 '11 at 12:02
The -f option only asks gvim to stay in the foreground (rather than detach from the console as gvim does normally). It should not make any difference but does fix the problem. – Rupert Jun 20 '11 at 12:04
Same problem here .. I have the feeling that Unity is the culprit. – h3. Jul 5 '11 at 3:32
Something new on this issue? – Andrej Oct 9 '11 at 19:42

Try this in this order, it worked for me:

:set guioptions-=m

:set guioptions-=T

:set guioptions+=m

:set guioptions+=T

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