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I have searched high and low for a simple menubar / background notifier for an MS Exchange account, preferably something that could connect to Growl, but no luck. If you know of such a thing, I would be very grateful! OS X 10.6.7. (PS: I know I can make Outlook '11 growl its new messages, but I want a lightweight background type app so I can leave Outlook closed except when necessary.) Thanks!

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What about using Mac OS X for getting at the Mails? That should be more light-weight than Outlook. As for Growl, there is a GrowlMail thingy...

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A good thought, but Mail is heavier than what I'm looking for in just a notifier, but does not support mailing lists independent of the Apple contacts list which, along with a couple of other minor reasons, forces me to use Outlook for my actual mail handling. Thanks though! – Philip Jun 20 '11 at 14:51
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No. (No no no no no 30 chars.)

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