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I have a simple batch file which is supposed to install Flash by going to the website and selecting the download button. However what it does is entirely different: it goes to the website and the site downloads two folders, neither of which have the download in them.

Can someone give me some direction so that I can get this script working? I am pretty desperate for a solution that will click the download button so that I do not have to perform this operation on all the computer and/or servers in my department.

Let me know if my syntax is incorrect or if I am not even in the right ball park.

Here's the script:

start iexplore.exe
wget -drc 
EXITcode here
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Um... last time I checked, wget doesn't click buttons for you. – Wuffers Jun 20 '11 at 16:34

What you're trying to do is outside the scope of a simple script/batch file using wget. You should use the re-distributable version of Flash player.

This Adobe site has the relevant detail. Complete the form and follow their instructions.

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As @tyler said you could use Autoit to make script what you want easily. You only need to download autoit and write the following script and compile it.

#include <Constants.au3>
If $CmdLine[0] <> 2 Then Exit (1)

Local $URL= $CmdLine[1] ; The first console parameter.
local $Path=$CmdLine[2] ; The second console parameter.


download autoit

Hope it helps ;)

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You could use AutoIt to create an executable that you include with your batch file that would detect the adobe download page and automate the process from there.

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