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I've just installed Fedora 15 (with KDE) and I'm having problems creating a PPPoE connection.

First I tried using the NetworkManager.But if I create a DSL connection, it doesn't appear in the Network widget, so that I can connect to it. I've checked the option to connect at startup, and then did a reboot, but again, there was no connection.

After this I tried using pppoe-setup from Konsole. I followed all the steps, and in the end it had created the connection. The ppp0 interface was up and it had ip's assigned. I checked the connection status, and it said that the link was up, but there was no traffic in or out.

I'm pretty sure that I entered the data correctly. I've managed to configure this in Ubuntu many times with no problems.

I checked the Fedora forums and there were some people that reported similar behavior, but no one had responded to them.

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somebody forgot to include pppo3 package in the release version. It was in the alpha version though. Find the package in the CD and install it.

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