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I just downloaded Notepad++ v 5.3.1 and I'm having two problems with the TextFX plugin:

  1. I recorded a macro with "TextFX Insert" > Date & Time (no matter whether short or long format) and, after I run the macro, only the first number of the time appears

    For example, I ask to insert time and it says its 8:59 AM 11/27/2009; but when I run the macro it only pastes 8:. How do I do to have the date inserted in the file without always needing to go to TextFX > Insert > Date & Time?

  2. When I try to use "TextFX Insert" to add the directory name or full path, only the first letter appears. For example, C:\data would show up as only C for full paths or only d for the file name.

How do I resolve these bugs?

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I just assigned this to a shortcut key by going to Settings → Shortcut Mapper → Plugin Commands → I:Date and Time → short format

I am running version 5.3.1.

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The author of Notepad++ says, "Macro system cannot record plugin commands."

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  1. Go to Plugins / Plugin Manager / Show Plugin Manager
  2. Find TextFX Characters and install it
  3. After restart go to TextFX / TextFX Insert and select date and time or current directoty
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OP already stated that they were using TextFX Characters, they want to include the dynamic output in a macro. – Zhaph - Ben Duguid Mar 20 '14 at 10:34

The latest NotePad++ version I have is 5.5.1.

I ran the TextFX plugin and it works. Perhaps that is what you need to do, download the latest, then everything should be ok.

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By the way, funny that this version is latest, the date/time textfx plugin works but the insertion of current directory/full path and filename is still not working...sorry! – t0mm13b Nov 27 '09 at 14:26

Go to: Macro → Modify Shortcut/Macro → Plugin Commands. Set a Hotkey for: "I:Date && Time - short format"

It works for me in Version 5.9.3.

If there is no "Modify Macro"-entry in "Macro", then you have to record at least one macro. It's not perfect, I know.

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Assuming you're using a current version you can create a hotkey for inserting the DateTime into your Notepadd ++ document by:

  • Opening the Settings menu, then ShortCut Mapper...
  • Clicking on the "Plugin commands" tab
  • Locate item "I:Date & Time - short format" (item #188 on my version - or use long format if you prefer)
  • Click on the item to highlight it then click the Modify button on the bottom of the screen
  • Add your short cut - I used Ctrl-F5


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You can do this quite easily with autohotkey, with the added benefit that it'll work in all apps, not just Notepad++

Install AutoHotKey, and then save the code below as a .ahk file and run it.

FormatTime, CurrentDateTime,, h:mm tt M/d/yyyy   
SendInput %CurrentDateTime%

Note the double commas after CurrentDateTime are not a typo. With this script, typing ]t will give you the date and time in the format

2:56 PM 10/11/2013

This second script will only work in Notepad++

ClipSaved := ClipboardAll   
SendInput {Alt}e{Down 8}{Right}{Enter} 
SendInput ^v
ClipBoard:= ClipSaved 

While in Notepad++, this script

  1. saves the clipboard to a variable
  2. opens the edit menu
  3. moves down 8 places to 'Copy to Clipboard'
  4. moves right 1 to 'Current Full File path to Clipboard'
  5. copies the file path to the clipboard
  6. pastes the clipboard to Notepad++
  7. copies the saved clipboard contents back into the clipboard

Both of these can be combined into one .ahk file, and you can set that to autoload on startup.

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You could use this for the path:

  • Edit / Copy to Clipboard / Current file path to clipboard

  • Edit / Copy to Clipboard / Current file name to clipboard

Found here: Lists of default mouse and keyboard shortcuts for Noteoad++ and some plugins

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