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I know in TextMate I can go to preferences -> advanced -> folder references and play with the regex pattern to remove certain types of files and folders by default.

I heard that if you have an existing project, however, and chance these, the project is not affected.

From a similar but different angle, I am interested to know if I can exclude certain types of files, say anything named "index.html" from an existing project while not changing the global scope.


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Change the folder reference exclude patterns

Select the folder reference in the drawer/sidebar, click the "i" (information) button located at the bottom of the drawer/sidebar, and edit the pattern, like you would in TextMate's global preferences.

You can only edit a single folder reference at a time, so you'd need to copy/paste your exclusion rules to all top-level folders if you wanted this to apply project-wide.

This is how you'd exclude all index.html files, by setting a proper exclusion rule.


Remove a file from a project

Right-click the file in the drawer/sidebar, select Remove Selected Files… then click Delete References.

Do this for all files you want to remove.

The Go to File… command (Cmd-T) might help you with finding all of these files by name.

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@cwd Is there a reason, other than not being a paying customer, to run a TextMate version that is more than three months old? – Daniel Beck Jun 21 '11 at 16:57
I am using the most up to date version but your text was not consistent with the ux. I assume you have either mistyped it or are using an older version. – cwd Jun 21 '11 at 17:24

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