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I'm struggling to setup a network printer on Kubuntu. Ubuntu works 100%, but Kubuntu just does nothing

I did as below

From the Kubuntu desktop, Kmenu > System Settings > Printers > Add > Add Printer/

And then it just loads and loads and nothing happens.

Am I doing this the correct way?

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I presume from your instructions you are using Kubuntu with KDE 3.5.

Another way of configuring the local printers is to access the local CUPS web server on http://localhost:631/

This will allow you to add/remove printers in the same fashion as in KDE and also uses the CUPS backend which KDE does so any printers you configure here will show up in KDE applications.

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On my system i needed to install the 'system-config-printer-kde' package, because it was not installed by default.

sudo apt-get install system-config-printer-kde

After that, the printer configuration is found in:

Kmenu-> "Computer" Tab -> Settings -> Hardware -> Printers

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