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Every so often while I'm developing, Firefox will max out on CPU usage and I have no option but to quit it (sometimes I have to force quit).

Is there a plugin/extension that is like the Chrome process list that tells me what tab/addon of Firefox is using up so much CPU? Memory actually isn't a problem as I have upgraded to 4GB but obviously there's nothing I can do about CPU.

This is only happening on at work on a Mac with the 64bit version of Firefox 4.

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You can use BarTab to avoid loading all tabs at program launch. After starting FireFox, just let the tabs be loaded one by one.

To show the memory usage of all objects type about:memory into the address bar. Firefox also sends data about the crash to Mozilla. You can show this data with about:crashes, which is sometimes useful. It also can be useful to know which objects are cached: about:cache.

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This is great however my problem occurs randomly, almost never at start up. – Dunhamzzz Jun 22 '11 at 8:22
You should deavtivate all Plugins/Extensions. Activate them one by one. The most crashes are caused by Adobe Flash, so it's a good idea zu reinstall it. You can also use the Add-on Compatibility Reporter to identify broken AddOns. Sorry, but there is no one-click solution for this problem. I hope Mozilla JetPack will solve such problems in future releases. – DiableNoir Jun 23 '11 at 19:04

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