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I sometimes need to copy/paste text into two windows and compare the contents for a quick hack, ie. without having to save both documents to disk, and display the two docs side-by-side vertically so I can scroll them independantly (WinMerge doesn't seem to support independent scrolling.)

Since the documents only live in RAM, text editors will display a non-descript tab/filename like "Untitled1" or "New file 1":

enter image description here

Does someone know of a Windows editor that supports...

  • renaming tabs with more descriptive names even with documents that haven't been saved to disk,
  • side-by-side, vertical tiling, and
  • independant scrolling?
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Vim will do that. The Cream version has an interface that is more consistent with other Windows programs.

First start gvim. Create two side-by-side windows by executing :vnew. Paste your documents into the two windows. To show their differences, execute :windo diffthis. The two windows scroll together by default. To make them scroll independently, execute :set noscrollbind. To name each window, click in the window to select it, then execute :f somename where somename is the name you've chosen for that document.

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Thanks for the tip on Cream. – OverTheRainbow Jul 12 '11 at 11:54

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