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I have a linux live-cd linux.iso(600Mb), two files and foo.img(1.3 Gb). How to add files to live-cd and create live-dvd?

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Could you please tell us which operating system you are using currently? The solutions are quite different depending on that :) – sinni800 Jun 21 '11 at 13:04
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You don't give a lot of information, so I'm going to give a couple tips (assuming this is being done under an existing Linux system - if not, then somebody else should answer with Win32 ideas):

  1. Programs like ISO Master will allow you to directly edit an ISO image and re-export it. They don't burn the image on their own, however.

  2. If these are just files, it would be a good idea to make a new directory in the ISO image (using an ISO editor) called local, where you can easily find things later.

  3. Programs like Brasero and k3b let you burn the edited ISO to a DVD.

  4. To access the files from the LiveCD, you should just be able to mount the CD and view the local directory. Most file managers will automount this for you, if the live distro doesn't do it on its own. It can usually be found somewhere in /mnt or /mount.

  5. If you really want to go commando on this, then you can do the whole thing manually. I'm not going to explain that here, but there is a good LQ post on how to do it.

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