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I'm wondering of what I'd need/could do if I were to say, have several 1TB drives, and enclose them in a single tower/whatever and allow a single port (e.g. ethernet) access to them (so, instead of having them in one tower, I'd be able to access them all via ethernet instead via a single case). Could I do this whilst avoiding the need to purchase another motherboard, CPU, etc and confine it to a PSU/CASE/something else to output access to the drives?


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Yes, you could. It is called a NAS enclosure. For example the D-Link DNS-323 holds two hard disks. These sorts of devices generally sell for less than $200.00. Hard disks, of course, usually aren't included. I have a similar device from D-Link and it works great.

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+1 Many simple NAS devices like this as noted. D-Link one works well. Vendors like Western Digital and Buffalo sell complete solutions as well – Dave M Jun 22 '11 at 1:30

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