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The use case where I see this the most is when I want to open the "Spaces" app from Spotlight. I would love to minimize the keys it takes to do this, but because other application exist with similar name (Disk Space Cleanup Management) I need to type Spaces all the way out before it shows up in the result set.

It is the only application that I launch from Spotlight that starts with "S" but Spotlight seems unable to learn this. Any way to prevent other apps from getting top billing (System Preferences, Spider, Spin Control...)

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In your specific case for Spaces, have you tried assigning a keybind to spaces? You could activate it without having to use spotlight at all. – Darth Android Jun 22 '11 at 17:23

I don't like all. I use both google quick search and alfred. they let you priorities by most used.

hope that helps

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