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Are you guys aweare of a software that works like dropbox for windows? (mobile clients, other OSes are a plus)

Track file changes, Synchronization conflicts resolution....

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I'm making a few assumptions here - that your issues with dropbox is security,

Assuming you just need a client, there's a lot of options available - wuala, sugarsync and spideroak seem popular - spideroak is probably the most secure of the lot.

If you want to host your own, you'll need to wait a while -aerofs and ifolder are the most mature seeming of the windows options Aerofs dosen't need a server, while ifolder does. I'm personally keeping an eye on syncany and sparkleshare - they're not mature yet, but they seem to be the closest to a 'dropbox like' experience - sadly in both cases, windows clients are 'any time soon' rather than available.

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I have the PogoPlug pro device that I have attached to a 2TB drive, but they also have software you can install on your PC and do the same thing...

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