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I've created a theme using Zen and all is well. I want to display some simple text and images in the sidebar, but I don't understand Drupal well enough to know what I'm doing.

I have worked with Joomla which allows one to create a new HTML module, populate it, and then select where it appears on the page (and also of course which pages). I don't see this with Drupal. I've seen some talk about using the theme's templates, but I need for my client to be able to change the text (and/or images) without knowing anything about that.

It would be best to create an article and be able to make that article appear in the side bar somehow. Is this possible?

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You do this with blocks. Blocks allow you to place content items on a page. Where abouts the block appears is up to you and how the theme is configured. To create a block click "Admminister -> Site building -> blocks".

If you have other Drupal questions, try Drupal Answers.

Good luck

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