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I tried to configure an automatically login for a user with kerberos. I tried using 'mingetty --autologin USERNAME', but gives me a session without a kerberos ticket (which i require to access some nfs4 exports). When i do a regular login on the console (with username and password) i get a kerberos ticket.

I there a way to automatically login a user by using a special keytab for the user?

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I found a great blog entry here

Autologin with rc.local, su, and Kerberos

I'm now using the following script to do the autologin with a supplied kerberos keytab file:

DISPLAY= su mythtv -c "HOME=/var/lib/mythtv KRB5CCNAME=FILE:/tmp/krb5cc_mythtv_tty7 /usr/bin/kinit -k -t /var/lib/mythtv/mythtv.keytab mythtv"
export KRB5CCNAME=FILE:/tmp/krb5cc_mythtv_tty7
/sbin/mingetty --delay=2 --autologin=mythtv tty7

I works great.

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